News & Notices

Notice Department Date In Effectsort descending Details
12-14-2021 Plainville Fire District Meeting Minutes Fire Department 12/30/2021 Details
Timber Tree Service - Quote for Ash Tree and Stump Removal at 8439 Smokey Hollow Road Parks And Recreation 12/30/2021 Details
Canton Woods January 2022 Newsletter Canton Woods Senior Center 01/04/2022 Details
American Tower - T-Mobile Cell Tower Extension - 2846 Belgium Road - Public Hearing CANCELLED Town Board 01/05/2022 Details
1-6-2022 Work Session Sound Recording Town Board 01/07/2022 Details
1-11-2022 Plainville Fire District Meeting Minutes Fire Department 01/16/2022 Details
North West Fire District 2022 Meeting and Workshop Dates 01/16/2022 Details
ORDER FREE COVID TESTS ONLINE: Town Supervisor 01/18/2022 Details
Onondaga County COVID-19 Isolation Chart Town Supervisor 01/18/2022 Details
1-20-2022 Work Session Sound Recording Town Board 01/21/2022 Details
Canton Woods February Newsletter 01/25/2022 Details
PLEASE BE ADVISED: The Town of Lysander Comprehensive Land Use Plan Meeting will be held at the Lysander Town Building, 8220 Loop Road, Baldwinsville, New York on Wednesday, February 9th, 2022 @ 4:30 p.m. 02/01/2022
SUNY Affiliation Agreement 2022 Town Board 02/01/2022 Details
Willow Running USA Special Event License Town Board 02/01/2022 Details
Proposed Fence Law Verbiage Town Board 02/02/2022 Details
COVID test kits available at Town Hall - limited supply - no phone calls please Town Supervisor 02/08/2022
4-6-2022 Breast Cancer Screening Town Clerk 02/10/2022 Details
January 2022 Code Enforcement Report Codes / Planning / Zoning 02/10/2022 Details
January 2022 Dog License Monthly Report 02/10/2022 Details
Proposed Fence Law (Revised 2-11-2022) Town Board 02/11/2022 Details
Plainville Fire District Legal Notice and Estoppel - Serial Bonds Fire Department 02/14/2022 Details
Plainville Fire District - Notice of Permissive Referendum - Tanker Fire Department 02/14/2022 Details
Canton Woods Intermunicipal Agreement 2022 Town Board 02/15/2022 Details
2-17-2022 Work Session Sound Recording Town Board 02/18/2022 Details
Lamson Road and Drake's Landing Speed Study Results by NYS DOT 1-2022 Town Clerk 02/23/2022 Details
4-1-2021 through 9-30-2021 Mortgage Tax Apportionment Town Clerk 02/23/2022 Details
3-3-2022 Public Hearing - Proposed Fence Law Town Board 02/24/2022 Details
Proposed Fence Law Revised Town Board 03/02/2022 Details
Flood Damage Prevention Model Local Law Town Engineer 03/02/2022 Details