News & Notices

Notice Department Date In Effect Detailssort descending
Cody Fire District Resolution Town Clerk 01/14/2016 Details
2016 Town Board Meeting Schedule Town Board 01/14/2016 Details
Anheuser-Busch Expansion - Letter of Intent Codes / Planning / Zoning 02/08/2016 Details
Cody Fire District Election Notification Town Clerk 02/24/2016 Details
Proposed Whitetail Woods Lighting District Improvements Town Engineer 02/26/2016 Details
Plainville Fire District 2-9-16 Meeting Minutes Town Clerk 03/09/2016 Details
Final Comprehensive Land Use Plan – 2015 Codes / Planning / Zoning 03/14/2016 Details
Joint Meeting of 3-10-16--Public Presentation Made Town Engineer 03/15/2016 Details
2015 Annual Financial Report Comptroller 03/29/2016 Details
Revised 2016 Planning Board Meeting Schedule Codes / Planning / Zoning 03/29/2016 Details
Full Environmental Assessment Form and Action Taken Regarding The Anheuser-Busch Expansion Codes / Planning / Zoning 04/14/2016 Details
2015 Town of Lysander MS4 Annual Report Town Engineer 05/04/2016 Details
Plainville Fire District June Meeting 6/9/2016 Town Clerk 05/24/2016 Details
2015 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report Town Engineer 05/27/2016 Details
Notice of Public Hearing Regarding Incentive Zoning Application Town Clerk 06/22/2016 Details
Incentive Zoning Notice by Town Clerk Town Clerk 06/24/2016 Details
Budget Transfers Approved at 6-27-16 Board Meeting Comptroller 07/05/2016 Details
Town Board Meeting Sound Recording 6-27-16 Town Board 07/05/2016 Details
1st Annual Lysander Community Camp-Out By Parks & Recreation Parks And Recreation 07/15/2016 Details
Work Session Sound Recording 9-26-16 Town Clerk 09/28/2016 Details
Belgium Cold Springs Fire District 2017 Budget Summary Town Clerk 09/28/2016 Details
Northwest Fire District 2017 Budget Town Clerk 09/28/2016 Details
NOTICE: Northwest Fire District Public Hearing for the 2017 Budget Town Clerk 09/28/2016 Details
2017 Plainville Fire District Budget Town Clerk 09/30/2016 Details
2017 Town of Lysander Proposed Budget Comptroller 10/04/2016 Details
Fall 2016 Brochure - Parks & Recreation Parks And Recreation 09/01/2016 Details
Work Session Sound Recording for 10-17-16 Town Clerk 10/20/2016 Details
Town of Lysander 2017 Budget - Preliminary Comptroller 11/04/2016 Details
2017 North West Fire District Budget Summary Town Clerk 11/04/2016 Details
Sound Recording for the November 3, 2016 Work Session Town Clerk 11/04/2016 Details