News & Notices

Notice Department Date In Effectsort ascending Details
Lysander Grievance Day Info - Assessor Assessor 05/20/2021 Details
5-20-2021 Agenda Attachment: FEE PROPOSAL & ASSIGNMENT AGREEMENT Property Name: Land Swap Properties Street Address: 8434 Oswego Road and 8444 Oswego Road Town Engineer 05/20/2021 Details
TOWN OF LYSANDER MASK GUIDELINES Town Supervisor 05/19/2021 Details
Belgium Cold Springs Fire District Notice of Special Election Fire Department 05/19/2021 Details
Plainville Fire District Notice May 18 Workshop Fire Department 05/14/2021 Details
The 5-13-2021 Planning Board Meeting Sound Recording is unable to upload due to MB size. If you would like a copy of the recording, please call (315) 638-0224 or (315) 638-4819. Codes / Planning / Zoning 05/14/2021
MS4 Annual Report 2020-2021 Town Engineer 05/10/2021 Details
4-15-2021 Work Session Sound Recording Town Board 04/16/2021 Details
February 2021 Report of Code Enforcement Officer Codes / Planning / Zoning 04/13/2021 Details
March 2021 Report of Code Enforcement Officer Codes / Planning / Zoning 04/13/2021 Details
Public Hearing April 15, 2021 - Proposed Special Use Permit - Lamson Road Cell Tower Extension Town Board 04/05/2021 Details
Timber Banks Section 3 Phase 4 Road and Utility Acceptance 03/31/2021 Details
3-22-2021 10:30 AM Coordinated Review Meeting - Hencle Boulevard Warehouse Codes / Planning / Zoning 03/19/2021 Details
3-18-2021 Work Session Sound Recording Town Board 03/19/2021 Details
Draft Local Law No. 2 - A local law to establish the residency requirements for the appointed office of Comptroller Town Board 03/18/2021 Details
Help for Homebound Seniors Canton Woods Senior Center 03/15/2021 Details
Chase Cemetery RFP Town Clerk 03/09/2021 Details
Assessor's Report Assessor 03/05/2021 Details
Intermunicipal Agreement with Town of Granby (road maintenance) Highway 03/04/2021 Details
3-4-2021 Work Session Sound Recording Town Board 03/04/2021 Details
BCSD Capital Improvements Plan SEQR Town Board 03/03/2021 Details
Highway Pavement Management Plan (Mill/Fill 2021) Highway 03/03/2021 Details
TOL Expenditure of Highway Moneys (Pavement Management Plan) Town Board 03/03/2021 Details
Intermunicipal Wastewater Agreement Town Board 03/02/2021 Details
2-22-2021 02/22/2021 Details
2-18-2021 Work Session Sound Recording Town Board 02/22/2021 Details
January 2021 Monthly Report of Code Enforcement Officer Building Permits Codes / Planning / Zoning 02/17/2021 Details
The Town of Lysander has a new phone system which is currently being set up. Please be patient with us as we work to get it up and running. Thank you. 02/08/2021
North West Fire District Zoom Meeting Notice 2-9-2021 Fire Department 02/08/2021 Details
2-4-2021 Work Session Sound Recording (GBAC and WEP presentations) Town Board 02/05/2021 Details