News & Notices

Notice Department Date In Effectsort ascending Details
MARCH 19, 2020 TOWN BOARD MEETING CANCELLED Town Supervisor 03/17/2020
PUBLIC HEARING APRIL 2, 2020 7:00 PM Town Board 03/17/2020 Details
Town of Lysander State of Emergency Town Supervisor 03/17/2020 Details
Tax Payments must be mailed and postmarked on or before March 31, 2020 to avoid late penalty Tax Receiver 03/17/2020
CANTON WOODS SENIOR CENTER CLOSED Canton Woods Senior Center 03/16/2020 Details
IMPORTANT MESSAGE REGARDING COVID-19 Town Supervisor 03/16/2020 Details
Letter from the Town Supervisor Regarding COVID-19 Virus Town Supervisor 03/13/2020 Details
CORONAVIRUS UPDATES Town Supervisor 03/12/2020 Details
5 Steps to Prepare for COVID-19 Town Supervisor 03/09/2020 Details
COVID-19 Prevention Tips Town Supervisor 03/09/2020 Details
NYS Health Department Notice - Coronavirus Information Town Supervisor 03/06/2020 Details
3-5-2020 Work Session Sound Recording Town Board 03/06/2020 Details
2020 Pavement Management Plan (Highway) Highway 03/04/2020 Details
Canton Woods March 2020 Newsletter Town Clerk 03/04/2020 Details
Canton Woods March 2020 Calendar Town Clerk 03/04/2020 Details
Canton Woods March 2020 Events Town Clerk 03/04/2020 Details
February 2020 Code Enforcement Officer Report Codes / Planning / Zoning 03/04/2020 Details
Belgium Cold Springs Fire District Annual Financial Report Update Document Fire Department 02/25/2020 Details
Battery Energy Storage System Model Law Public Hearing 3-5-2020 Town Board 02/24/2020 Details
Proposed Local Law No. 1 of 2020 - Battery Energy Storage Town Board 02/20/2020 Details
January 2020 Code Enforcement Report Codes / Planning / Zoning 02/20/2020 Details
2-20-2020 WORK SESSION WILL BEGIN AT 5:00 PM Town Board 02/18/2020
January 2020 Dog Report Town Clerk 02/14/2020 Details
DEC Annual Tree for Tribs "Buffer in a Bag" Program Town Engineer 02/14/2020 Details
NOTICE OF BOND RESOLUTION Town Board 02/11/2020 Details
February 6, 2020 Town Board Work Session Voice Recording Town Board 02/07/2020 Details
Town Office Building Closing Early Today February 7, 2020 Town Supervisor, Town Clerk 02/07/2020 Details
2020 West Phoenix Fire Protection Agreement Town Board 02/05/2020 Details
Canton Woods February 2020 Newsletter Town Clerk 01/29/2020 Details
Canton Woods February 2020 Calendar 01/29/2020 Details