News & Notices

Noticesort ascending Department Date In Effect Details
North West Fire District - 2017 Meeting & Workshops Schedule Town Clerk 12/28/2016 Details
North West Fire Distict Meeting Fire Department 05/26/2015 Details
New! Online Dog License Renewal System Town Clerk 03/01/2017 Details
New Zoning Code for 6-8-15 Board Meeting Town Board 06/06/2015 Details
MS4 Annual Report Town Engineer 05/15/2017 Details
MOM'S WANNA HAVE FUN NIGHT IS SOLD OUT!!! Parks And Recreation 05/11/2017
Memorial Day Parade Announcement Town Supervisor 03/27/2015 Details
May 4, 2017 Work Session Sound Recording Town Board 05/05/2017 Details
May & June 2017 Building Permit Revenues Codes / Planning / Zoning 07/17/2017 Details
March and April 2017 Monthly Reports of Code Enforcement Building Permits Issued Codes / Planning / Zoning 05/17/2017 Details
Lysander Water District Lease to the Village of Baldwinsville Town Engineer 12/15/2016 Details
Lysander Town Clerk’s Office Now Selling E-ZPass Town Clerk 09/09/2013 Details
Lysander Parks and Recreation Spring 2016 Brochure Parks And Recreation 03/08/2016 Details
Lysander Parks & Rec 2016-2017 Winter Programs Brochure Parks And Recreation 12/13/2016 Details
Local Law No. 2 of 2017 On-Site Use Solar Energy Systems (Article 30) Town Board 02/17/2017 Details
Local Law Amending Zoning Local Law of 2015 Town Clerk 04/30/2015 Details
Local Law Amending Town Code Section 129 "Vehicle and Traffic" Law Town Clerk 04/30/2015 Details
Little Explorers Registration Form Parks And Recreation 03/31/2016 Details
Legal Notice - Sale of Radisson Land to the Baldwinsville School District to Relocate Bus Garage Town Clerk 11/23/2015 Details
Legal Notice - Plainville Fire District 2016 Budget Public Hearing Town Clerk 10/09/2015 Details
Legal Notice - North West Fire District 2016 Budget Public Hearing Town Clerk 10/06/2015 Details
Legal Notice - Cody Fire District 2016 Budget Public Hearing Town Clerk 09/30/2015 Details
Legal Notice - Belgium Cold Springs Fire District 2016 Budget Hearing Town Clerk 09/30/2015 Details
Lamson Road Water District - Map, Plan & Report Town Engineer 05/29/2015 Details
June 15, 2017 Work Session Sound Recording Town Board 06/15/2017 Details
June 1, 2017 Board Meeting Cancelled Town Board 06/01/2017 Details
July 6, 2017 Work Session Sound Recording Town Board 07/07/2017 Details
JULY 2017 DOG LICENSE REPORT Town Clerk 08/10/2017 Details
July 20, 2017 Work Session Sound Recording Town Board 07/20/2017 Details
Joint Meeting: Town Board, Planning Board & Zoning Board of Appeals Thursday March 10, 2016 7:00 pm - Review Incentive Zoning Application & Approval Process Town Engineer 03/04/2016