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Anthony Burkinshaw Recreation Program Director Email:
Phone: 315-635-5999
Fax: 315-635-1515

The Lysander Parks & Recreation Department hopes you find this website to be informative and useful when planning your recreational activities. The Town also publishes three Parks & Recreation brochures via the website.  You can find these in the notices section below.

  • Fall-early September
  • Winter/Spring-mid December
  • Summer/Day Camp-early May


Prior to the winter spring brochure of 2010/11, brochures were distributed to the elementary and middle schools, banks, library and Town Hall. In an effort to be conscious of our environment and our budget, we have gone “Green”. This means you should keep your eye out on the website, in the local paper (Messenger), on, etc. for details on upcoming programs. If you would like to receive an email notice of when the brochure is available on line, then send an email to and in the subject line put: program email list. Registration forms are also available below – you can fill them out on the form, save to you computer and email (if using MasterCard or discover) or print off and mail.

The Parks & Recreation Department is advised by the Lysander Parks & Recreation Commission. The Commission is always looking for ideas about new programs, please call or email your suggestions.

Since COVID-19  has changed the structure of Parks and Recreation, we suggest you contact the Department directly with any questions: 315-635-5999.

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Lysander Park Information

Park Hours: Monday – Sunday, 8 am – dusk

This beautiful 75 + acre Park is nestled on the corner of Hencle Blvd and Smokey Hollow Road with its entrance being at 8439 Smokey Hollow Road. There are many excellent facilities in addition to the beautiful “green space” areas. The park facilities include the following:

  • 2 softball fields *
  • 1 basketball court
  • 3 tennis courts
  • 5 pickleball courts
  • 1 soccer field *
  • 1 tennis wall
  • 1 Rotary Picnic Pavilion *
    (8 tables, 2 BBQ’s, water & electricity)
  • 1 Small Picnic Pavilion *
    (4 tables, no electric or water)
  • 1 Community Room *
    (7 tables and 50 chairs, water & small sink, electric & ceiling fans, a BBQ Grill & Picnic table outside)
  • 1 football field *
  • 1 80 yard football field/rugby *
  • 1 volleyball court – summer months only
  • 2 horseshoe pits
  • 1 walking path (3/4 mile)
  • several picnic areas
  • playground equipment
  • Water Mister
  • restrooms (Not open in the winter months)

* these facilities may be reserved

Equipment Sign Out

A free service to park users evenings and weekends is recreational equipment for their use (There is no equipment sign out during Pop Warner Football games). Equipment that is available consists of: tennis racquets, basketballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, football and horseshoes (metal and rubber depending on age).

Park Rules

A complete set of park rules are located in the main bulletin board (located in the breezeway by the restrooms), but there are “special area” bulletin boards on the Tennis Courts, Basketball Court, Soccer Field and playground, listing site specific rules. Overall, all rules are for the safety and good of all park users. It is the job of our park attendants to enforce them. Two major rules that we particularly stress are: DOGS MUST BE ON LEASHES and NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED. There is No Smoking allowed at the playground, pavilions, community room, soccer or football fields, water mister or on the basketball or tennis courts. There are designated areas for smoking. Rules are reviewed and approved annually.

During the winter months – there is NO SNOWMOBILING ALLOWED at the Park at anytime!

Bulletin Board

This is located in the breezeway near the public restrooms. On it, is information in regards to programs, schedules, calendars for use of the ball fields and pavilion and any other pertinent information.

Park Attendant

Evenings and weekends, there is a park attendant on duty. The responsibility of this person is to oversee the activities and facilities, enforce rules and regulations, hand out equipment, resolve problems, etc. If at any time that you are using the park and you have a problem, please contact the park attendant.

Park Closes: November to Mid-April (weather permitting) during these months the park is winterized and closed

Reservable Pavilions and Rooms

Stop by, email, or use one of the forms below to reserve the following.

Rotary Picnic Pavilion

AM Half Day - 9am to 2pm $60.00
PM Half Day - 3pm to 8pm $60.00
Full Day - 9am to 8pm $100.00
Picnic Tables 8 inside, 3 outside
ELECTRICITY YES-additional fee of $10.00
WATER YES-Not for sprinklers or hosing
FIELD FEE $15.00 per hour

Small Picnic Pavilion

AM Half Day - 9 am to 2 pm $40.00
PM Half Day - 3 pm to 8 pm $40.00
Full Day - 9 am to 8 pm $60.00
PICNIC TABLES 6 inside, 1 outside
FIELD FEE $15 per hour

Community Room

The Community Room is only available for scheduled groups up to 50 people.

Weekday fees: Monday – Friday - $30 per hour plus $50 returnable security deposit (assuming all is left in order).

Weekend fee: $100 per 2 hour block minimum weekends: $30 per hour for additional hours plus $50 security deposit (assuming all is left in order).


Monday through Friday: *$300 plus $50 security deposit

*$400 Saturday and Sunday plus $50 security deposit

Birthday Packages Include: Sheet Pizza, Cupcakes or Sheet Cake, Paper Products (10-40 people) and Spray Park Permit

On-Line Registration

New Online Registrations and Park Department links.

Link to Online Program Registrations:   

Follow this link: ONLINE REGISTRATIONS  to open the Parks and Recreation Catalog.

Tabs within the catalog are:

Programs: This tab is where you will access program information.  You will be able to see what programs are    available, how  many registration we have taken for a particular program, dates and times for sessions, and where the program will be held.  All activities in the Program Tab require a completed registration, which can be done on line with a credit card payment or by phone if you’re paying by credit card.  We will take your cash, check or credit card payments by mail or in person at the Town of Lysander Town Hall, 8220 Loop Rd.  Parks and Recreation office.

Events: This is where you will find special one day events that are sponsored by the Lysander Parks Department  which do not require a registration, such as our free Summer Concert Series and spring market.

Fields and Facilities: You will be able to view calendars for each of the fields and facilities that are available to rent and know right away if the facility you need is available.  Due to the set-up of this new system we will no longer be able to hold prospective reservations.  If you see an open date in the calendars it is available to rent.  You will still need to call us or stop in to our office at 8220 Loop Rd. to make reservations for now.

Summer Camp: A separate tab for Day Camp and CIT’s.  Each Grade level for Day Camp is listed with each week listed as a sub-category. 

T-Shirts: This is a separate tab to add Day Camp T-Shirts to your cart, should you wish to.  All T-Shirts purchased will still be given out at Day Camp. 

Follow these steps to register for a program: 

  • Open Create Accounts, Enter an Adults information first, then you can add individual family members. 

  • Open the catalog and choose your programs.  Be sure that you have chosen the correct session.  Only the people who are eligible to take the class will be able to enroll in the class.  Select the person/people taking the class and click add to cart.  Continue shopping or click on check out.  (Please be sure to double check that you have chosen the correct session if more than one is being offered). 

  • If you would like to mail or hand deliver your registration you can click on [view/print] while in FORMS, print your form and complete your form as you would normally and deliver it to us with your payment enclosed.  You are not holding a space in a program by doing this, your registration is not complete until we have it entered into the registration program. 

To continue with an online registration:

  • Answer the prompts if they are included in your checkout process.  You will only be asked to answer a prompt if one specifically involves your registration. 

  • Continue to Waivers and accept the three waivers.

  • Enter your payment information.  You will be given the option of printing a receipt for yourself and we will also receive a copy of your transaction.

Special Events and Programs

Rental Facilities:

  • Community Room: 
  • Pop Warner: 
  • Rotary Pavilion: 
  • Small Pavilion: 
  • Softball Field #1: 
  • Softball Field #2:
  • Spence Field:  

Activity Locations:

  • All Lysander Town Hall:  
  • All Lysander Park Activities: 
  • Baker HS Cafeteria:  
  • Durgee Jr. HS:  
  • Elden Elementary:  
  • First United Methodist Ch:  
  • Gold’s Gym:  
  • Green Space:
  • Palmer Elementary:  
  • Summer Concert Series:  
  • Smoke Tree Farms:  
  • Timber Banks Golf:  
  • Willow Health & Wellness:  

League Sports:

  • Schedules:  
Recreation Forms

Mail form(s) and payment (if applicable) to:
Lysander Parks & Recreation, 8220 Loop Rd, Baldwinsville, NY  13027

The following is the program registration form to use to register for all of our programs.

The following is to use to donate towards the Baldwinsville  Summer Concert Series.

The following form to use to apply for general positions at Lysander Park.

The following is to reserve one of our Pavilions at Lysander Park (Rotary Pavilion or Small Pavilion)