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Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced additional funding available to help eligible New Yorkers heat their homes following severe low temperatures this winter. Visit this link for more information: Town Clerk 02/07/2018
Full Environmental Assessment Form and Action Taken Regarding The Anheuser-Busch Expansion Codes / Planning / Zoning 04/14/2016 Details
Fire Districts Election Notices - Belgium & North West Fire Department 10/01/2014 Details
Final Comprehensive Land Use Plan – 2015 Codes / Planning / Zoning 03/14/2016 Details
February 2018 Dog License Report Town Clerk 03/29/2018 Details
February 2017 Dog License Report Town Clerk 03/10/2017 Details
February 2017 Building Permits Issued Codes / Planning / Zoning 03/13/2017 Details
February 15, 2018 Work Session Sound Recording Town Board 02/15/2018 Details
February 1, 2018 Work Session Sound Recording Town Board 02/02/2018 Details
Fall 2016 Brochure - Parks & Recreation Parks And Recreation 09/01/2016 Details
Ext No. 1 Map Plan and Report Town Board 05/01/2011 Details
Earth Day 2017: CNY Stormwater Coalition News Town Engineer 04/18/2017 Details
E-Recycling Newsletter 12/29/ 2015 Town Clerk 12/29/2015 Details
Draft Solar Code Amended 2-2-17 Town Board 02/06/2017 Details
Dog License Monthly Report March 2017 Town Clerk 04/04/2017 Details
Dog License Monthly Report June 2017 Town Clerk 07/05/2017 Details
Dog License May 2017 Report Town Board 06/02/2017 Details
Deputy Code Enforcement & Zoning Officer Position Codes / Planning / Zoning 06/09/2017 Details
December 7, 2017 Work Session Sound Recording Town Board 12/08/2017 Details
December 21, 2017 Work Session Sound Recording Town Board 12/21/2017 Details
December 2018 Dog Report 01/18/2019 Details
DECEMBER 2017 DOG LICENSE REPORT Town Clerk 01/18/2018 Details
Coyote Information For Town Residents Dog Control 02/12/2018 Details
Councilor Geraci's Budget Notes: 2018 Preliminary Budget Town Board 10/24/2017 Details
Collington Pointe Proposed Sewer District Map Town Board 06/19/2018 Details
Collington Pointe Incentive Zoning Application Modification Letter of Intent March 31, 2017 Town Board 03/31/2017 Details
Collington Pointe East Residential Development Modification Written Submissions from 4-6-17 Town Board 04/14/2017 Details
Collington Pointe East Proposed Incentive Zoning: Petition by Residents Town Board 03/16/2017 Details
Collington Pointe East Incentive Zoning Project Updated Submission by CHA dated January 30, 2017 Town Board 02/03/2017 Details
Collington Pointe East Incentive Zoning Application Public Hearing Written Submissions Updated 3.22.17 Town Board 03/22/2017 Details